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Egg-White Rice – an Innovative Alternative Food Rich in Nutrients that Appeals to the Health Conscious

Egg-White Rice – an Innovative Alternative Food Rich in Nutrients that Appeals to the Health Conscious

Egg-White Rice – an Innovative Alternative Food Rich in


that Appeals to the Health Conscious  


Chula Faculty of Allied Health Sciences has launched a ready-to-eat flourless rice innovation made from egg whites, branded “eggyday”.  This product is low in calories, filled with good-quality protein, high in calcium, complete with dietary fibers, and free of gluten.  It is suitable for health-conscious people trying to control their weight, the elderly, and those suffering from diabetes.Egg2-1-1024x683-3-1.jpg

    Rice is a staple food for Thai people and is always present at every meal.  However, consuming too much rice can negatively affect health, leading to weight gain and high blood sugar levels, particularly for diabetic patients who must control their consumption of starch and sugar.  Therefore, a research team from the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Chulalongkorn University has developed “Egg White Rice” as a rice substitute product to provide an alternative for consumers.   

    Egg-White Rice – an Innovative Alternative Food Rich in Nutrients that Appeals to the Health Conscious
    Professor Dr. Sirichai Adisakwattana
    Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Chulalongkorn University
    Head of the research project on Egg White Rice products

    “The research team has developed an alternative type of rice that can control the amount of nutrients by taking 100 % egg white protein through a production process that transforms the egg white protein structure into egg white rice that has the shape, taste, and texture of rice while still maintaining egg white complete nutritional value.  It also must not have any negative impact on one’s health” Professor Dr. Sirichai Adisakwattana, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Chulalongkorn University,  Head of the research project on egg white rice products, and Co-Founder of Thandee Innofood Co., Ltd. Startup, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Chulalongkorn University discusses the origin of this novel type of rice under the eggyday product name. 

    Prof. Dr. Sirichai explained that egg white rice is a product that imitates actual rice in terms of appearance texture and taste.  Consumers will therefore not feel anything different from the rice they eat daily.    

    “We use Protein Transformation technology to transform egg whites into “egg white rice.”  The important step is the gel-forming reaction between the gelling agent and the sodium solution encapsulating egg white protein, then shaped into long, slender, and rounded-end rice grains, imitating actual rice grains.  The next process is where the rice grain shape is maintained and ready for sterilization at 121 degrees Celsius heat.  The result is synthetic rice grains with a soft and chewy texture, no different from actual rice grains without starch or fat, with low calories but high in calcium and excellent in taste.  Most importantly, the nutritional value of egg white protein is not diminished by the production process.” Prof. Dr. Sirichai described the production process.   


    With the use of this same technology, Prof. Dr. Sirichai is now planning to develop “100% Future Protein Rice” derived from soybeans and various types of beans to serve consumers looking for alternative proteins from plants.    

    • Starch-free  
    • Low calories at only 20 kilocalories (Kcal): 100 grams/ pouch 
    • High-quality protein, strengthens the muscles 
    • High calcium, provides nourishment for the bones and teeth 
    • Complete dietary fiber works well for the digestive system 
    • Gluten-free, suitable for those who are allergic to gluten in food  
    • Can be stored for up to 18 months without the need for refrigeration.  It makes use of scientific technology that heats up to 121 degrees Celsius to kill bacteria. 
    • Egg white rice products are packaged in packets and are convenient to eat and carry around.  Just tear the packet open and eat it as steamed rice or cook it in your favorite way like fried rice or porridge. 

    “Based on these exceptional qualities, eggyday egg white rice is perfect for people with weight problems and those who have undergone stomach surgery due to obesity.  It also works well for those health-conscious individuals and for the lifestyle of city dwellers who often do not have time to prepare their meals,” said Prof. Dr. Sirichai. 

    This is how eggyday – the 100% egg white rice came to be awarded the Bangkok International Intellectual Property Invention Innovation and Technology Exposition, an award that guarantees the quality of healthy alternative food products for consumers and patients alike who all want healthy options in their diet.   


    eggyday” egg white rice is available at health food stores and leading department stores.  It can also be ordered online via Facebook, Line@, TikTok, and Instagram: @eggyday.official or click link: https://lin.ee/8JN96sn  

    Shopee: https://shopee.co.th/eggyday 

    Lazada: https://www.lazada.co.th/shop/tannd 

    Call 098-480-8836 for inquiries and further information or visit the website at  
    E-mail: sales.tannd@gamail.com

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