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Dating Apps: Unraveling the Trend of New Gen Singles Seeking Love Online

Dating Apps: Unraveling the Trend of New Gen Singles Seeking Love Online

In today’s society, technology significantly influences the lives of Thais, particularly singles who are increasingly turning to dating apps to find partners and build relationships. Although dating apps are not as widespread in Thailand as in other countries, there is a growing trend of Thais embracing the culture of forming relationships through these apps. This trend may be due to environmental and lifestyle factors, which have led to a high single rate of 40.5% among Thais of reproductive age, according to data from the National Economic and Social Development Council.

Dataxet Limited gathered and analyzed information from consumer voices on social media (Social Listening) between May 1 – 31, 2024, using the DXT360 tool. The analysis found that “dating applications” were most mentioned on the X platform, followed by Facebook and Pantip, respectively. These mentions garnered substantial engagement from social media users, with a total of 322,146 engagements.

The Hottest Dating App Capturing the Hearts of Singles

When it comes to dating applications that are popular among singles worldwide, there are many options, each with its unique features and perks. In Thailand, the most mentioned dating app on social media in May 2024 was Tinder (77%), followed by Coffee Meets Bagel (12%), Her (8%), Bumble (2%), and Omi (1%).

Top 5 Dating Apps Most Mentioned on Social Media

  1. Tinder (77%)
  2. Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB)  (12%)
  3. Her (8%)
  4. Bumble (2%)
  5. Omi (1%)

1) Tinder

This well-known and wildly popular dating app worldwide was the most mentioned on social media in Thailand in May 2024, accounting for 77% of the overall mentions. The app stands out for its user screening process, free-to-use model, and simple, intuitive functionality. Users just need to “swipe” the screen – swipe left if uninterested, swipe right if interested, and swipe up if very interested – to find a match and start chatting or getting to know each other. Additionally, Tinder offers various subscription levels such as Premium, Gold, Plus, and Platinum, which allow users to select better profiles and increase their chances of matching with people globally.

2) Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB)

CMB uses an algorithm to match users with similar interests, such as educational background, hobbies, and preferences. Once matched, users have 7 days to start a conversation, or the match will be deleted. This app is ideal for those seeking serious relationships, as it emphasizes quality over quantity.

3) Her

As the name suggests, “Her” is designed exclusively for women seeking female partners. It operates similarly to Tinder, using the swipe left and right feature. If users match, they can start chatting and getting to know each other.

4) Bumble

This app is perfect for those seeking to date foreigners and is widely used internationally. Its unique feature allows women to make the first move. If a match doesn’t lead to a conversation within 24 hours, the match is deleted. The app works similarly to Tinder, with users swiping left if uninterested and right if interested. Additionally, it offers features for finding friends (Bumble BFF) and professional networking (Bumble Bizz).

5) Omi

An app familiar to many Thais, Omi works similarly to other dating apps with its swipe left and right feature. Additionally, Omi includes a “Quiz” function where users can ask and answer questions, helping them get to know each other faster and better.

Compare The Highlights of Top Dating Apps

Tinder (Highlights):

  • Widely recognized
  • Large user base
  • Easy to use
  • Connects with Facebook

Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) (Highlights):

  • Focuses on serious conversations
  • Requires interaction within 7 days of matching
  • Emphasizes user profiles
  • Allows comments on profiles and photos

Her (Highlights):

  • Ideal for women seeking women
  • Provides news and information for the LGBTQ+ community

Bumble (Highlights):

  • Great for meeting foreigners
  • Requires chatting within 24 hours of matching
  • Women initiate the conversation
  • Offers features beyond just dating

Omi (Highlights):

  • Quiz function helps find better matches
  • Connects with Instagram

Each app has its unique features and strengths. Ultimately, the best choice depends on the user’s needs and preferences.

What Are Social Media Users Saying About Dating Apps?

From an analysis of social media opinions on dating apps, it was found that 41% of users shared their personal success stories of finding partners through these apps. Another 22% issued warnings about scams involving fraudsters posing as potential dates. Additionally, 20% shared stories of partners cheating via dating apps, while the remaining 17% provided tips on how to use the apps effectively.

What Do People Encounter When Swiping on Dating Apps?

While most people are looking for a clear and defined relationship, data from social media shows that only 34% of dating app users are actually seeking a serious partner. The rest often encounter scammers posing in various ways, such as those trying to lure them into investments or online purchases. Many users also meet people who are only interested in short-term relationships.

What Qualities Are Singles Looking For?

According to Insight data, nationality is the primary factor singles consider when deciding to get to know someone, with 20% of singles prioritizing it. For example, the news about “Khun Woon Sen,” a German national often dubbed “Thailand’s John Wick,” who found love with his Thai wife through a dating app, illustrates this preference. Other factors that influence their decisions include appearance, attitude, occupation, social status, body type, education, age, and lifestyle.

Why People Stop Using Dating Apps

According to data from social media, 31% of dating app users decide to quit due to disappointment in relationships and experiences that made them feel like they were wasting time or unsafe. This is consistent with a Forbes Health survey showing that over 78% of people feel fatigued with dating apps because they haven’t found success in love.

However, beyond using dating apps to form relationships, the younger generation also uses other online platforms like Facebook and Pantip. While online relationships offer the benefit of meeting new people worldwide, it’s important to remember that successful relationships require sincerity, honesty, patience, and time to truly get to know each other for a stable and lasting connection. Additionally, users should be cautious about safety and avoid sharing too much personal information early on.

All information used in this insight analysis was gathered through the DXT360 platform, a social listening tool provided by Dataxet Limited (dataxet:infoquest). The data collection spanned from May 1–30, 2024.

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