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Doceree forms an exclusive partnership with Hello Health Group to strengthen its global footprint; forays into 8 South East Asian markets


Doceree forms an exclusive partnership with Hello Health Group to strengthen its global footprint; forays into 8 South East Asian markets

The partnership opens a first-of-its-kind service for Hello Health Group's pharmaceutical clients, enabling them to target HCPs with precision and efficiency

NEW DELHI, May 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/Dataxet

Doceree, a leading global platform building unprecedented solutions for healthcare professionals (HCPs) through programmatic messaging with proprietary data tools, today announced its long-term partnership with Hello Health Group. The collaboration is expected to accelerate growth for both companies by combining the world-class HCP targeting and reach capabilities of Doceree with Hello Health's leading patient and consumer reach and engagement solutions, and its strong geographical presence in the South East Asian region.

The partnership further strengthens Doceree's global footprint by giving it access to eight key markets – Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Singapore, Philippines and Taiwan.

"We continue to look for innovative partnerships that help us grow our geographical footprint and be at the forefront of programmatic HCP messaging in the pharma marketing category. It is our commitment to empower our partners with the capability of targeting and reaching HCPs effectively across the globe with our deep and innovative technological expertise. The Doceree-Hello Health collaboration is a strong one in the South East Asian region, opening doors for pharma companies to engage physicians in the most effective and regulatory-compliant manner," said Harshit Jain MD, Founder & Global CEO - Doceree.

Doceree's proprietary HCP-identification technology will enable Hello Health to expand its capabilities to target and reach prescribers efficiently within their digital workflow for showcasing them messages from pharma brands.

"This is a pioneering partnership and we are glad to introduce, for the first time in the Asia Pacific region, such a revolutionary technology-based solution to reach HCPs. On top of our patient and consumer digital targeting, reach, and engagement solutions, partnering with Doceree opens a completely new channel of messaging and engaging with targeted HCPs for our pharma and CHC clients. Doceree's programmatic platform is built in such a manner that it adapts to different markets' requirements and needs. Also, most importantly, it is compliant with regulations existing in those markets. As a team, we will unlock the full potential of programmatic messaging and engagement with HCPs in SEA and bring the best ROI to our clients in the new evolving digital healthcare ecosystem," says Bertrand Sauvageon, CEO - Hello Health Group.

Doceree has been augmenting its technological capabilities and this latest partnership intends to create great value for both companies and their shareholders and lay down a path of success and growth for their respective clients and partners.

About Doceree

Doceree, the world's first global network of physician-only platforms, offers a cutting-edge solution to programmatically reach HCPs where they consume information on professional platforms, including medical journals, education platforms, and physician networks.

Their proprietary physician identity resolution technology, ESPYIANTM, allows brands to showcase the right information to the right physician at the most opportune moments based on their specialty, location, and professional interests.

To learn more, visit doceree.com.

About Hello Health:

Hello Health's ambition is to orchestrate the leading ecosystem of digital health solutions in South East Asia, empowering millions of people to manage their health in a cost-effective and highly convenient way.

With over 34m unique monthly users, 93% organic/direct traffic, 12m social media followers, and over 100,000 pieces of medically reviewed, relevant, and engaging content in 9 local languages, Hello Health is the clear leader in health & wellness content development to drive consumer & patient engagement.

To learn more, visit https://hellohealthgroup.com/

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